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Covid 19 & FFA Activities


    Lake Travis FFA Agriculture Facility


    Protocols for Face Coverings1

    LTISD  is  required  to comply  with  the governor’s  executive  order and Travis Countys order regarding the wearing of face coverings.

    •  All face coverings, including masks, must cover the nose and mouth.
    •  Individuals will appropriately wear face coverings when required.
    •  Disposable   masks will  be available  upon request if  a student,  staff member, or visitor forgets to bring their mask.
    •  Any person with a medical condition or disability that prevents him/her from wearing a face covering may be exempted with appropriate documentation from a physician. Individual needs regarding face coverings  will  be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Requests for accommodations should be submitted to campus administration.



    • LTISD requires  students in all grade levels to wear a mask while riding a school bus.
    • Students in  pre-kindergarten  through second grade will wear face  masks in  hallways,  common areas,  and during arrival and dismissal. Parents may elect to have their Pre-K through 2nd grade students continue to wear a face mask or  a face  shield  in  the classroom  by communicating such requests to the classroom teacher.
    • Parents may elect to have their pre-kindergarten through second grade student wear a mask or  face  shield  at any other time throughout the school day not otherwise required.
    • Students in  third through twelfth  grades will  wear face masks at all times  while  inside  the school  building,  with certain exceptions.  Students may use a face shield instead of a mask while in the classroom.
    • LTISD will provide face shields for all students to use in the classroom. Parents may also send students with a face shield.  However,  face  shields  may not be worn in  lieu  of masks except  as permitted in the classroom or  by explicit directions from their teacher, coach, director or sponsor.
    • Students will not be required to wear face coverings while eating or drinking.

     1] For  the purposes of this document, face coverings include non-medical grade disposable face masks, cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth), or full-face shields to protect eyes, nose, and mouth whenever a mask is not feasible or whenever the education context may benefit from the ability to see an individual’s face.

  • Teachers and Staff

    • It  may be impractical  for  students to wear masks or  face shields while participating in some athletic or other extracurricular  activities.  Students will  have explicit directions from their teacher, coach, director or sponsor.
    • Students  will   need  to  provide   their   own  masks  and families will be responsible for  cleaning the face coverings daily.
    • Students  who are actively  exercising,  whether inside  or outside,  will  not be required  to wear face  coverings,  as long  as they can maintain  at least  six  (6) feet  of  distance from   other  individuals   who  are  not  wearing   a  mask; however,  a mask must  be worn as students  are being arranged in  positions that will allow them to maintain the required distance.
    • Students will not be required to wear a face covering whileoutside if they can maintain six (6) feet of social distancing at all times.
    • Teachers  and staff are required to wear a face covering at all times  while  inside  an LTISD facility, except as provided below.   Teachers   and  staff  do  not  have  to  wear  a  face covering in their classroom or office if they are alone.
    • Staff will  not be required  to wear face  coverings  while eating or drinking.
    • Students and staff will  not be required  to wear a face covering  while  outside  if they can maintain  six  (6) feet  of social distancing at all times.
    • Staff  will   be  provided   with   2  reusable   masks and  are responsible for daily cleaning.
    • Teachers  and receptionists  will  also  receive  1  face  shield and are responsible for daily cleaning.
    • Additional protective equipment will be provided to school.


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