Lake Travis FFA
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Chapter Livestock Show

Lake Travis FFA
Chapter Show
Dec 8, 2018

$20.00 Entry Per Animal
(this includes Showmanship)


Entries/weight cards will be turned in the night prior to the show (8 PM Deadline). Please contact one of the Ag Teachers if there is a conflict with this procedure. The Chapter Show Committee will divide the classes by weight and determine the cut off points of the weight classes. Judging of livestock will begin at 9:00 AM.

  1. The Chapter Show will be divided into the following divisions. All livestock exhibited must have been validated according to State Validation rules.

DIVISIONS (and the order in which they are shown. NOTE : The Show committee has the right to divide classes as deemed appropriate.)

1. Lambs

2. Goats

3. Pigs
  • OPB
  • Duroc
  • Hampshire
  • Yorkshire
  • Cross

4. Steers


Grand Champion Steer The Ellisor Family
Grand Champion Goat Mason Gregg & the Gregg Family
Grand Champion Lamb The Watts Family
Grand Champion Barrow The Martindale Family
Reserve Grand Champion Steer
Reserve Grand Champion Goat The Abernathy Company
Reserve Grand Champion Lamb The Ballou Family
Reserve Grand Champion Barrow KEEP Company
Sr Steer Showmanship - Champion Patricia Wadsack
Jr Steer Showmanship - Champion
Jr Goat Showmanship - Champion The Crompton Family
Sr. Goat Showmanship - Champion Patric, Danielle & Cade Hinson
Sr Lamb Showmanship - Champion The Salmon Family
Jr. Swine Showmanship - Champion The Shipp Family
Sr. Swine Showmanship - Champion The Steadtler Family



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